Most frequent questions and answers

If you’re enrolling in an instructor led course, class length ranges between 8 and 9 weeks,  depending on class sizes.

If you are enrolling in a self paced course you completion time depends on your schedule and goals you place. 

You have the opportunity to attend different classes in one session if you need extra help. Those in the Maryland and Virginia area can attend courses in the same week as it will be the same materials that will be covered so students will have the opportunity to re-learn things that were covered.

We have seasoned and experienced Oracle DBA’’s who will can be reached via text message for faster responses and there will be a central email through which all students can send their challenges/requests.

Students can make up the class by either:

  1. Joining the class in a different state (physically)
  2. Watching the uncut recap, training video for the missed session.

Students are required to take all classes during their session. Professors will not be obligated to make up classes for students who may miss classes.

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